About us

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  • Our Mission

    To promote a universal, reciprocal platform through merchant commitment and consumer engagement to expand market reach, profits and charitable giving while amplifying cause-driven commerce in the newly emerging loyalty-share industry.

    To attract socially-conscious consumers, merchants, and organizations through unique and innovative product line which provides cost saving benefits and rewards.

  • What is the ShareNetwork?

    ShareNetwork is a network of businesses who want to make their deals and offers known to their community and beyond while at the same time helping to support the needs of both their community and the world. With tiered-level packages, ShareNetwork provides cost-effective business solutions, designed for merchants of all sizes and genres, that combine local, social and mobile marketing. Reach a massive audience with deals shared across ShareNetwork mobile apps, build brand awareness, and promote exclusive offers to your own VIP customers with your personally-branded VIP Rewards mobile app! As a ShareNetwork merchant, you can manage your campaigns, monitor sales and stay in direct communication with your VIP customers. The best part – you can opt to be involved in our automatic charitable giving program that amplifies cause-driven commerce and brands you as a merchant who gives back to help the needs of our planet.